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Staples distribution centre

Project planning and structural planning for the repair of the hall, slope and drainage system

The Staples-distribution centre Waldlaubersheim was erected in 2007 using a precast building system as a hall construction with a dimension of 193 m in width, 234 m in length and 10,7 m in height. Due to the uneven nature of the original ground surface the building has been founded partly in natural, partly in filled-up and in the perimeter sloped soil formations.

After commissioning the distribution hall significant defects in the filled soil have been discovered that have caused settlements of up to 140 mm in the edge columns and, as a result, constructive defects in the load-bearing structure of the hall. The necessary repair of slope and hall was carried out in 2010 and 2011 while the distribution centre was for the most part still running. The repair was focused on the following measures:

Repair of hall construction
_Disassembly and repair of damaged building elements of distribution hall
_Execution of deep foundation (boring piles with grillage)
_Reconstruction of rehabilitated building elements

Repair of slope
_Execution of cantilever sheet piling at the base of slope
_Flattening of slope by filling and compaction of additional soil

Repair of drainage systems
_Repair of and addition to structures for discharge of water
_Systematic discharge of water into the base of slope with the help of a cascade

The commissioned service included the structural survey and evaluation of the defects, as well as with the final design, the preparation of contract award for a repair concept and assisting the award process. Furthermore, the service included the detail design as well as the technical project management during execution.

Waldlaubersheim Logistics SARL
Period of service
2010 - 2011
Waldlaubersheim, Germany
  • Consulting
  • Planning
  • Expert Reporting
  • Project Controlling