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Colosseum Bochum

Structure assessment from a static and constructive point of view

The structure Colosseum is part of the ensemble of the Westpark Bochum on the former terrain of the Krupp Stahl AG. The structure is situated on the Alleestraße in Bochum.

With the Colosseum Bochum, basically, we’re talking about a partially covered, building-like support wall structure. It was built from 1911 to 1912, stands approx. 16 m high, approx. 85 m long and approx. 95 m wide. It secures the earth masses of the plateau situated behind it.
The structure is bricked on perpendicularly to the mountain heaped up behind it. Up to 1983, a nearly 300 m long and 100 m deep hall complex stood on said mountain.

The four-storey structure stands 16 m high and is connected via cross bracing ceilings and vaults. It is a masonry construction with shear walls as a hatch which reinforce the arch row of the bricked back wall. The carrying elements of the staircase constructions consist of steel.

In the lowest storey of the building, which is not built with a cellar, there are crawl corridors that have been established during World War II. Parts of these corridors have already collapsed.

In the 1950s, the circular arc openings at the western side were bricked in, in favour of smaller rectangular windows. With the removal of the steel plant, the highest fifth storey of the supporting wall structure was removed.

ZPP was commissioned by the central services of the City of Bochum to conduct a structure evaluation from a static and constructive point of view for the aforementioned structure. The rough costing for the preservation expenses was also part of the order.

Stadt Bochum
Period of service
2014 - 2015
Bochum, Germany
  • Expert Reporting