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BP headquarters

Structural verification for the new building of an office and administration building

The location Bochum has a long tradition for the company ARAL/BP, since 1898 the blue-white gas station brand has its office there.

Four seven-storey office towers as reinforced concrete skeletal structures with in-situ concrete flat slabs have been built on top of one-storey foundations with an underground car park. The office towers have a rhomboid-shaped ground plan and are connected to each other as well as to the neighbouring office building via bridged on the fourth floor. The office towers are erected from steel concrete and possess a load bearing steel concrete core.

The façade consists of a steel-glass construction. The loads from the façade design are suspended in the roof area via cantilevering steel concrete beams while being excavated to the foundations through the central bracing, respectively stabilising steel concrete core.

The existing older Aral building has been altered and connected to the new building.

One further existing building of the BP/ARAL headquarters has been converted and since then has been used as a city archive and a study institute by the city of Bochum.

ZPP or the predecessor company was acting as a structural design verification engineer. The scope of services comprises, beside structural verification, random inspections of the execution of construction work on site.

HIH Hamburgische Projektentwicklung GmbH
Period of service
2004 - 2006
Bochum, Germany
  • Verifying