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Airport Ben Gurion

Feasibility study for the application of a climbing formwork for the construction of the tower

The airport Ben Gurion is Israels most important and biggest airport, being situated to the east of Tel Aviv near the motorway to Jerusalem. Over the course of the expansion of the airport, the new ”ATC tower”, standing 90 m high, is being constructed.

The airport control tower is a tower structure that has been depicted an elliptic structure in the ground-plan, while being depicted as a hyperbolic tower structure in the cross section. The central axis of the elliptic ground plans also rests on a curved line.

ZPP or the predecessor company was commissioned with the examination of an existing climbing form work for hyperbolic cooling towers for the imminent, possible application at the construction of the airport tower.

For this, it was necessary to process the outer geometry of the tower as a 3D system with a subtle topology and to plan the possible runs of the automatic climbing machines in a hasty manner. This planning was the basis for a subsequent tilt analysis of the climbing scaffolding from a static point of view.

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