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Westkreuz A 40 (motorway 40)

Structural verification of a three-span street bridge

The present motorway exit 32 „Bochum-Stahlhausen“ of the A 40 (motorway 40) and the end of the “Bochumer Ring” (ring road around Bochum) are being converted to the “Westkreuz” (western motorway interchange). The western parts of the “Bochumer Ring” (namely Donezk-, Oviedo- and Nordhausen-Ring) will be upgraded to A 448 (motorway 448) and connected to the already existing A 44 (motorway 44), beginning from the “Kreuz Bochum/Witten” (motorway interchange Bochum/Witten). From this, a continuous connection from Kreuz Dortmund/Witten to Westkreuz Bochum results. The three-span street bridge in question leads the motorway traffic from motorway 448 to motorway 40 towards Essen.

The new building of the Autobahnkreuz Bochum-West (motorway interchange Bochum-West) is part of the third stage of construction of the six-lane extension of the A 40. ZPP or the predecessor company has been acting as a structural design verification engineer. Verification has been conducted for the building structure 03. It was a three-span approx. 130 m long bridge, bent as seen from the top view, with single spans of 37 m, 44 m and 50 m and a box girder deck made of prestressed concrete with external tendons.

Apart from the bridge also the false work including the lowering measures of the elevated superstructure were verified by ZPP.

Landesbetrieb Straßenbau NRW
Period of service
2010 - 2011
Bochum, Germany
  • Verifying