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Sewer system Emscher

Project planning and structural planning for the conversion of the outlet of the river Emscher

In the area of its outlet the Emscher (watercourse segment km 0.0 to km 1.6) is fully developed and free of vegetation. The weir interrupts the aquatic passibility and thus the ecosystem Rhine/Emscher.

The Emscher is meant to be laid out closer to nature again in the context of its conversion. To achieve this, the riverbed is to be mostly unpaved and complexly structured. The outlet’s contour as well as the alignment and the lines of the dykes will be changed according to ecological conditions. The existing difference in height between Emscher and Rhine will be overcome by rock ramps and the weir will be demolished.

In the course of the change of the Emscher’s cross section three existing bridge structures need to be structurally reinforced and adapted to the new river cross section.

As part of the association of engineers named ”Umbau Emschermündung”, ZPP is commissioned with the project planning in section 3 - civil engineering structures for the service phases 5-6 (execution planning and preparation of the contract awarding) and with the structural planning the specialist planning in section 1 - structural planning for the service phases 1-2 (basic evaluation and pre-planning) according to HOAI (Official Scale of Fees for Services by Architects and Engineers).

Period of service
since 2009
Dinslaken, Germany
  • Planning