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Railway overpass over A 43

Project and structural planning for the replacement building EÜ BW 4409-690

The Landesbetrieb Straßenbau NRW (regional road construction) is planning a six-lane expansion of the road BAB 43. Over the course of this measure, the Herne motorway crossroads will be rebuilt. The route 2221 of the DB AG crosses the motorway crossroads in the area of exit and merging lanes of the crossing BAB 42, the expansion of the BAB 43 requires the renewal of the existing railway overpass by a bridge with bigger complete supporting widths.

The new bridge will be built just north of the existing building, located in the ground plan between the existing bridge and the northern road bridge across the street ”Cranger Straße”.

The traffic operation on the track 2221 can be maintained during the construction, a stoppage pause is only required for swinging off on to the new track position and to replace the points.

The new bridge main stage is planned with a length of about 96 m as a tied arch bridge crossing the main lanes of the BAB. The shorter field of the bridge panels over the filter lane is performed as a WIB superstructure.

In addition to the planning of the bridges, the service for the traffic planning, the LST and the catenary planning are provided.

Landesbetrieb Straßenbau NRW
Period of service
2013 - 2015
Herne, Germany
  • Planning