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Balduin Bridge

Project and structural planning for the redevelopment of the bridge

In Koblenz, the Balduin Bridge connects the district Luetzel over the Mosel with the inner city. Parts of the arch bridge area can be tracked back all the way to the 14th century. The bridge consists of two areas with stonework archs, a prestressed concrete bridge, an area as prestressed concrete plate bridge and the area with personal underpasses, adjacent to the south.

Due to massive damages, the sealing had to be renewed in all areas. This was taken as a cause to reasonably redevelop the whole bridge.

Also, in the area of the prestressed concrete elements, the caps with handrail, the lane crossings and the lane setup were renewed. Additionally, the northern ramp, the bridge bearings were replaced. On the arch structures, a new steel concrete plate was integrated onto the backfilling, as a girder for the sealing. Here, the caps were renewed, as well. In the area of the t-junction of the Burg Street, on the southern side, the personal underpassings were reconstructed and maintained.

In the context of this reinstatement and strengthening planning, ZPP INGENIEURE was commissioned with the project planning in section 3 - civil engineering structures for the service phases 4 and 5 (approval planning, execution planning) according to HOAI (Official Scale of Fees for Services by Architects and Engineers). The survey and assessment was also part of our service range.

Faber Bau GmbH
Period of service
2013 - 2016
Koblenz, Germany
  • Planning
  • Maintaining