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ZPP is planning for Straßen NRW

Contract for the conservation lot of the A 516 between the junction Oberhausen-Eisenheim and south of the motorway junction Oberhausen is awarded to ZPP

The federal motorway A 516 proceeds through the City of Oberhausen in the northern Ruhr area. The so-called city motorway begins at the motorway junction Oberhausen and is transferred into the federal road B 223 north of the A 42. Therefore it serves as an essential north-south-connection between the A 2, respectively A 3 in the north and the A 42 in the south through the City of Oberhausen.

As part of an engineering association and within the borders of the project planning of traffic installations, ZPP is commissioned with the redevelopment of the superstructure, the equipment and the drainage facilities of the A 516, including the junctions. The planning services for the engineering structures include the project and structural planning for the demolition and new construction of the bridge over the Teutoburger Street, the redevelopment of several engineering structures as well as the strenghtening of the bridge over the Emschertalbahn and the demolition and new construction of approx. 6 km of noise protection walls.

Picture source: Straßen NRW
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