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Villa Marckhoff is being redeveloped elaborately

Art museum near the city park of Bochum is planning a continuous exhibition of the in-house collection

In the future, the Villa Marckhoff is not only supposed to attract interest through being an art gallery with varying exhibitions, but also through being a museum. The expansive in-house collection of the art museum with more than 5.000 pieces by reputable artists could not be presented to the public as of yet – the reason being a lack of space for the exhibits.

It is estimated that this is supposed to change in 2020. The over 100 year-old building is thereby redeveloped elaborately and rebuild, presenting a new opportunity to utilise the first upper floor as an exhibition space.

ZPP has been commissioned since 2007 for the present redevelopment work and alterations, but has already been entrusted again and again with planning, as e.g. the reinstatement of the curtain wall for the heritage-protected building. 

To remodel the mansion Marckhoff to a museum – a task that we are gladly facing!

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