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VGB workshop

Decommissioning and renaturation of conventional power plants

On the 19th of June 2018, the first workshop on the topic of decommissioning and renaturation of conventional power plants took place in Essen.

Operators of power plants, but also staff members of engineering offices, specialised companies, planners, approval authorities and research facilities are offered with an opportunity for an exchange of experiences among experts.

Renaturation concepts and the renaturation process, demolition technologies, handling of pollutants (pollutants survey), occupational safety and health protection, logistics and disposal concepts, reutilisation and subsequent use concepts, planning, contract design and documentation are among the topics that are being covered.

ZPP has familiarised itself with these topics, as well as the challenges for a safe and efficient decommissioning and the renaturation of conventional power plants and is accordingly represented as part of the afternoon program of the event with a lecture on the "development of integral renaturation concepts of large industry facilities".

We are looking forward to it!

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