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VGB symposium

Future-proof labelling and documentation of energy supply facilities

The operation and maintenance of energy supply facilities, be it a combined heat and power plant, a water power plant, a wind or solar park or a combined cycle plant, requires clearly structured facility data and documents on a big scale during the complete life cycle. To label and document these within the law, in an efficient and inexpensive manner is a complex task, due to statutory and regulatory requirements increasing steadily, while the security and profitability of the power plant is decisive.

After the successful premiere in the last year, the VGB will once again offer a symposium on the 28th of November 2017, where facility operators, producers and engineering offices are demonstrating how facility labelling and documentation can be produced in due consideration of the aforementioned aspects.

ZPP will be giving a lecture about "digital information management for the whole constructional life cycle" of energy supply facilities. An introductory roundup of the lecture will be made available on the homepage of the VGB, starting from mid-September 2017.

2nd VGB symposium

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