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Straßen.NRW at ZPP

Results of the BIM pilot project for the replacement new construction of two bridges near Straelen were presented

Landesbetrieb Straßenbau NRW is planning the replacement new construction of two bridge structures near the motorway A 40 between Moers and Venlo. This includes both the bridge structure near the junction Straelen, where the federal road B 11 is crossing the motorway A 40 and the overpassing of the former B 221, which crosses the Louisenburger Street. Both bridges will be deconstructed and replaced by new structures.

Straßen.NRW has intended planning via BIM methodology for these two bridges as a pilot project while commissioning ZPP with this task. The goal is to gain experiences with the execution of this planning methodology, then subsequently making it available for the complete federal office.

ZPP presented the results of the preplanning to the client during a meeting at the ZPP headquarters in Bochum and explained the particularities that mattered in the context of the BIM planning. On this basis, the preplanning can now be finished and the further planning steps can be executed.

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ZPP presented the results of the BIM pilot project to the client Straßen.NRW (Pierre Schmidt, Stephan Huth)
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