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Start of construction for the accelerator facility FAIR

The starting gun for the construction of the accelerator facility FAIR in Darmstadt has been fired on the 4th of July 2017, with a celebratory "Groundbreaking Ceremony".

The complex build for particle acceleration is one of the biggest construction projects in the world when it comes to physical fundamental research. After being activated in the year 2025, experiments will aim to, among other things, deliver new insights on hitherto uncharted conditions of matter, as well as yet missing information on the formation of the universe.

The centrepiece of the new facility, whose construction cost are estimated to be around 1,3 billion Euros, is a 1,1 kilometre long ring accelerator that is lead 17 metres under the ground level in a tunnel, thereby accelerating electrically charged particles approximately to light speed before their impact on matter. Aside from the excavation of approx. 2 million m³ of ground, approx. 600.000 m³ concrete and 65.000 tons of steel need to be used over the course of the construction of the structures – huge masses for a tremendous project.

Aside from Germany, also Finland, France, India, Poland, Romania, Russia, Sweden and Slovenia, as well as Great Britain are involved as associated partners on the international research facility, which will be available to approx. 3000 researchers from 50 countries after its activation.  

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