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Redevelopment main sewer centre

Main artery of the Düsseldorf urban drainage is to be repaired

The main sewer centre is one of the biggest and most important sewers of the city Düsseldorf. With a cross section big enough to utilise it as a street tunnel with meeting traffic, it is a main throng to the southern sewage work. The condition of the steel concrete sewers is heavily damaged after decade-long, corrosive offence by the sewage flowing through. A redevelopment is imperative and it is planned to be processed over a length of almost four kilometres.

The specifically founded engineering association "Team Sanierung HSM ZPP – Pecher", consisting of ZPP Ingenieure AG and Dr. Pecher AG, was commissioned with planning and accompanying the redevelopment of the sewer while in operation, an offer by the city drainage works. Special challenges are on one hand the fact that the redevelopment of the sewer has to be processed while in operation, on the other hand adhering to the high requirements concerning quality and sustainability of the redevelopment system.

Under the lead management of ZPP, the first planning steps have been undertaken during the current month. We are looking forward to an exciting task and the good cooperation with the city drainage works of Düsseldorf.

Picture source: Johann H. Addicks / Wikimedia Commons / CC BY-SA 3.0
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