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Power Plant Voerde

Deconstruction of the carbon conveyor bridge in the decomissioned RWE power plant

In the course of the deconstruction of the RWE hard coal power plant in Voerde, which was already shut down in March of 2017, the carbon conveyor bridge over the Frankfurter Straße has now been deconstructed.

The excavation of the 50 m long and 80 tonnes bridge section was carried out with help of two cranes with a load capacity of 500 tonnes each. After the fastening of the bridge onto the cranes, the connection points of the to-be-reconstructed bridge field with the further bridge construction were burnt free. In a 30 minute excavation process, the bridge field was slowly lifted, rotated and deposited on the power plant site.

Concerning this measure, ZPP was commissioned with the static aspects of the excavation process as well as with the temporary security of the structural stability of the left bridge segments.

Power Plant Voerde – deconstruction of the carbon conveyor bridge
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