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It’s getting warm in the south of Bochum

New cogeneration plant in the Technology quarter now connected to the grid

Within the range of vision of the ZPP head office Bochum and next to the Technical Centre of the Ruhr-University Bochum (RUB), a new local cogeneration plant provides warm lecture halls, laboratories and offices. A cooperation between the University of Bochum and Stadtwerke Bochum now takes over the heat supply in the south of the city after the previous RWE gas power plant was shut down at the beginning of October. 

Three natural gas boilers have started operation on campus and in the course of the heating period two further combined heat and power plants, which form the heart of the new structure, each with 9 MW thermal and electric output are connected. By means of cogeneration, environmentally friendly and efficient electricity and heat are

generated, both meeting the needs of the RUB and supply more than 5.000 residential units in the Querenburg district. 

ZPP Ingenieure AG was entrusted with the structural verification of the new structure.

New cogeneration plant within the range of vision of the ZPP headquarters in Bochum
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