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German Engineering in demand internationally

The expertise of German engineers is in demand all around the world! This is proven by the ZPP International GmbH with, among other things, recent projects that aim for the creation of structurally optimised solutions for the precast concrete element construction for schools in Iraq, with the execution of the “conceptional engineering” for a boiler house in a Polish power plant or through sophisticated structural stability analyses for more than 200 m high solar towers in northern Africa.

ZPP International GmbH, established shortly after the German reunification 25 years ago in Dresden, is a subsidiary of the ZPP Ingenieure GmbH. In celebration of the 25-year company anniversary, the certificate by the IHK was awarded through Mister Rouven Beeck, at the site of our ZPP summer fair.

With gorgeous sunshine, the annual summer fair, along with is many, interesting items on the program, was a huge success. Finest entertainment was provided by the Ruhr Sound Orchestra Essen, under the command of our colleague A. Schmidt. Also, the Engineers Without Borders were present, along with an info booth and a handicraft booth for children. A donation by the employees, as well as ZPP was handed to the voluntary, worldwide operating association.

On the same day, we also arranged our annual health day, which, just like last year, was hosted by the Techniker Krankenkasse (a German health insurance provider) and their partners, along with many offers for activities on the subject of flexibility and relaxation.

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