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ZPP starts the new year off with a German-Czech research project on BIM, monitoring and geotechnics

With the 01.01.2018, the German-Czech research project GeoProduction4.0 – cyberphysically controlled production process for geotechnical engineering structures will begin. GeoProduction4.0 is supported through the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (German abbreviation: BMBF) and part of the new high tech strategy „Innovations for Germany“ by the federal government. In a network of German and Czech partners, a cyberphysical system embedded into BIM for the dynamic production adjustment during construction of geotechnical structures is to be developed over the course of the next two years. The focus during production is set towards the measuring-technological monitoring of the construction measure, the simulation of the construction process, as well as the management of gained data as BIM for the controlling of the construction process.

ZPP, as project coordinator and partner in the project consortium, brings in its experiences in the field of (digital) planning and the monitoring of geotechnical major projects. With our engagement, we are strengthening our innovation focuses structure monitoring, BIM and digitalisation in the construction sector.

Further partners of the research project are, on the German side, the institute for construction informatics at the Technical University Dresden and the intermetric GmbH as well as, on the Czech side, Cervenka Consulting s.r.o. and SAFIBRA s.r.o.

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