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Fresh wind in 140m height

ZPP plans and verifies wind measurement masts for the determination of wind intensity and the wind duration

The planning, approval and construction of new wind turbines in wind parks requires a prior expert report on wind intensity and wind duration. For this purpose, high wind measurement masts are erected at the planned locations up to 140 meters high, which measure the wind data at various heights and constitute a basis for decisions on the location, after an evaluation.

In Germany, ZPP has worked with a variety of wind measurement masts in the context of structural planning or the structural verification, in the last years.
The current complex situation for standard masts could also be considered, as well as the non-normative regulated frost layer for high buildings.

The wind measurement masts are made of a steel grid structure that is tightened in three directions several times over the height. The filigree structures must resist the effects of wind and ice. Especially in the exposed heights of the low mountain range, the climatic conditions are difficult to determine. For this reason, a high density of wind measurement masts is required there.

Wind measurement mast Hohfleck / Picture source: SOWITEC development GmbH
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