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DB AG: Building Information Modeling (BIM)

Tobias Rahm and Felix Nagel certified as BIM consultants

The Deutsche Bahn AG (DB AG), the biggest German owner and operator of infrastructure, is massively impelling the introduction of Building Information Modeling (BIM). Within the corporate strategy DB2020+, an extensive introduction is scheduled for up until 2020. The company division DB Station & Service AG (DB S&S) is taking on a pioneering role for the introduction of the BIM methodology in the DB group and has subsequently been processing all new projects since early 2017 as BIM planning. In order to efficiently support the BIM implementation, the DB S&S has certified renowned experts as BIM consultants in order to accompany the responsible project managers when it comes to applying the BIM methodology within a project.

ZPP Ingenieure AG's own Dr.-Ing. Tobias Rahm, Bochum, and Dr.-Ing. Felix Nagel, Berlin, have been certified as BIM consultants by the DB Station und Service AG. The consulting services can be commissioned via a framework contract. You are welcome to contact us.

Dr.-Ing. Tobias Rahm is a BIM manager at ZPP and BIM Professional (pb 4.0/ RUB). Dr.-Ing. Tobias Rahm is, among other qualifications, BIM coordinator for the BIM projects Fehmarnsundquerung and Hannover central station.

Dr.-Ing. Felix Nagel is ZPP's branch manager in Berlin and an expert with authorisation to approve building documents, in accordance with VV-Bau. Dr.-Ing. Felix Nagel is, among other qualifications, project manager for the BIM projects Hannover central station and Görlitz station.

ZPP BIM expertise: planning of the station platform roof
BIM pilot project: Fehmarnsundquerung variant "bored tunnel"


f.l.t.r. Dr.-Ing. Tobias Rahm, Dipl.-Ing. Joachim Meyer (Management Board ZPP Ingenieure AG), Dr.-Ing. Felix Nagel
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