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Construction of the sewer canal Emscher (AKE)

Congratulations on the tunnel cut

With the celebratory tunnel cut of the tunnelling machines into the target construction pit in Oberhausen, a huge milestone for the intergenerational project "Emscher Reconstruction" was reached on the 12th of June. The underground driving works for the production of the central, in total 51 km long sewer running across the Ruhr area are thereby finished after barely five years of driving time in the different construction segments. 

The now driven double pipes of the construction segment 40 are stretching from the western Bottrop up to the pumping station Oberhausen, with inner diameters of 2,60 m each, over a length of 2 x 10 km in down to 40 meters below top ground surface. The mechanical production of this canal segments thereby ensued through the tubbing method, due to the given, geological circumstances and the big retention lengths.

Aside from services pertaining to planning and consulting for the client in this construction segment, ZPP was commissioned with the provision and operation of the project-specifically developed online monitoring system "ZMM-Monitoring". The utilised software system hereby enabled the drive-accompanying visualisation, evaluation, documentation and the monitoring of the drive data, the data of the tubbing production, as well as the tubbing assembly and the surface and tunnel measurement. Decision-relevant information concerning the tunnelling process could thereby be provided without any delays to the involved project parties, in a prepared and directly usable form – a small, but important contribution to the successful finish of the executed tunnel driving works in the construction segment 40 of the AKE.


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