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buildingSMART regional group Rhine-Ruhr

ZPP is a founding member and Tobias Rahm is designated spokesman

ZPP has intensified its active role in the buildingSMART e.V., thereby founding the buildingSMART regional group (bS RG) Rhine-Ruhr along with four other companies. Hereby, Tobias Rahm has been designated spokesman. The bS RG Rhine-Ruhr was officially introduced within the borders of an event by the BIM Cluster NRW, with a certificate presentation through the buildingSMART e.V.managing director Gunther Wölfle.

The bS RG Rhine-Ruhr features a strong local disposition and fosters the regional cooperation. Therefore the discourse for hands-on topics that relate to the daily business is sought after. This way, the bS RG Rhine-Ruhr orients oneself towards the user requirements while being open for all interest groups of civil engineering (planning, constructing & operating), even without membership in the buildingSMART e.V.

Our effort to further advance the BIM subject matter through regional exchange is now being managed seamlessly on the decision maker level with the BIM Cluster NRW and on user level with the bS RG Rhine-Ruhr.

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buildingSMART regional group (bS RG) Rhine-Ruhr

BIM Cluster NRW

Certificate presentation by the buildingSMART e.V.managing director Gunther Wölfle (3rd from right) to Tobias Rahm (4th from left)
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