ZPP steps into the planning process and assumes technical leadership

The German-Danish arrangement concerning the construction of a "feste Fehmarnbeltquerung" (translates to "stable Fehmarn Belt crossing") is looked upon as a big infrastructural project with huge significance by the European Union. To produce an efficient street and rail connection is the challenge on the German side.

Parts of this project are the two-track expansion and the electrified strengthening of the existing railroad track, Lübeck-Puttgarden as well as the four-track expansion of the federal main road B 207 between Heiligenhafen-Ost and Puttgarden.

The Fehmarnsund crossing currently ensues through a combined street and rail bridge structure. In order to fulfil the requirements concerning performance and safety of the future, to-be-processed traffic, the DB Netz AG and the state of Schleswig-Holstein (LBV-SH), in coordination with the Federal Ministry for Traffic and Digital Infrastructure (BMVI), have decided to realise a new, stable connection to the isle of Fehmarn. Within the border of the pre-planning procedures, four variants for a new Fehmarnsund crossing are investigated.

ZPP, with technical leadership in a planning consortium, is commissioned with the pre-planning of the variant "bored tunnel".

The planning services include the project and structural planning for the civil engineering structures.

Due to the fact that the project "Renewal of the Fehmarnsund crossing" was chosen as a pilot project by the BMVI (within the border of the phased plan for the introduction of BIM (Building Information Modeling)), the planning procedures will ensue parallel to the conventional procedures, as well in the BIM working methodology.

Additionally, ZPP is responsible for the BIM coordination for the collaboration between the different subject areas, thereby assuming the development of the BIM concept and the coordination with the client's BIM management.

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