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A breath of fresh air for Cuxhaven

ZPP handles the planning of a new Siemens offshore wind turbine factory

On a surface area of 170.000 m², the first wind offshore production facility of the Siemens AG in Germany is created, immediately next to the harbour of Cuxhaven. The investments for the planned assembly of the nacelles for the wind turbines of the next generation amount to approximately 200 million euros.

Within the borders of the project and structural planning, ZPP is commissioned with all to-be-rendered services for the assembly hall, as well as the adjacent buildings, while providing the central planning data bank with the project information and management system ZPP INTERPROJECT.

The enormous production hall with an effective surface of approximately 55.000 m² is supposed to be finished as early as mid-2017, initiating the production of nacelles for the new wind turbine generation.

Picture source: www.siemens.com/presse
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