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6 seas Wedau – living by the water

Feasibility study on the connection of the new residential quarters through an alternative pedestrian / bike overpass in the southern area of the blue sea

Under the title „6 seas Wedau – living by the water“, one of the biggest urban development projects in Northrhine-Westphalia will be realised over the upcoming years in Duisburg-Wedau.

On the approx. 60 hectares southern part of the no longer operational nor required railway area, which starts south of the Wedau bridge and reaches for a length of roundabout two kilometres right next to the Masuren sea, a new residential quarter will be developed, offering space for up to 9.000 people. In direct water proximity and near the sports park Wedau with high leisure quality, a broad spectrum of high-quality living forms and types both in the property and rent segments is planned.

For the connection of the new quarters, a bridge connection for the pedestrian and bike traffic from the quarter „Am Wasserturm“ is supposed to lead over a new railway stop up to the northern end of the blue sea, over the railway facilities towards east to Duisburg-Bissingheim. Over the course of public involvement, it was requested that the bridge connection was to be relocated into the area south of the blue sea into the extension of the street „Am Brunnen“, respectively to erect a second pedestrian and bike bridge here.

ZPP was commissioned with the development of a feasibility study for the execution of the bridge on the alternative location by the BahnflächenEntwicklungsGesellschaft NRW mbH. Thereby, the interest of the existing railway facilities had to be taken into consideration, with further supports requiring communication with the DB Netz AG.

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