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Management Board

Recognised specialists. EXPERIENCED ENGINEERS.

Prof. Dr.-Ing.
Ludger Speier

Managing Director SOCOTEC Germany  

+49 234 92 04-1129

Ingo Spohr


+49 234 92 04-1206

Martin Demmer

Authorized Officer and Signatory
Division Head

+49 234 92 04-1164

Martin Schmitz

Authorized Officer and Signatory
Division Head

+49 221 39 75 07-2515



l.t.r.: Prof. Dr.-Ing. Matthias Baitsch, Prof. Dr.-Ing. Hans-Jürgen Niemann, Prof. Dr.-Ing. Karsten Körkemeyer, Prof. Dipl.-Ing. Fritz Grübl
l.t.r.: Prof. Dr.-Ing. Matthias Baitsch, Prof. Dr.-Ing. Hans-Jürgen Niemann, Prof. Dr.-Ing. Karsten Körkemeyer, Prof. Dipl.-Ing. Fritz Grübl

The ZPP Ingenieure AG has a scientific advisory board that is consulting the management board both technically and strategically. Furthermore, the advisory board will be consulting the company with a special emphasis on research projects.

The members of the scientific advisory board distinguish themselves through excellent scientific qualifications in the field of civil engineering. This way, the company complies with its scientifically coined corporate philosophy, ensuring the long-term direction with emphasis on the processing of challenging and quality assured, engineering-specific tasks.

The scientific advisory board consists of the following personalities:

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Matthias Baitsch
Bochum University of Applied Science, department of civil engineering  

Prof. Dipl.-Ing. Fritz Grübl
University of Applied Sciences Stuttgart, department of civil engineering, construction physics and economy, department of engineering geology and tunnelling  

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Karsten Körkemeyer
University of Technology Kaiserslautern, department of civil engineering, subject field construction management and construction economy  

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Hans-Jürgen Niemann
Ruhr-University Bochum, department of civil and environmental engineering, work group wind engineering and fluid mechanics  

The Staff

Many fields of expertise. One team.

For all the specialisation that ever more complex construction tasks require and which is reflected in the broad range of certification our experts and specialist engineers possess, we feel one thing is crucially important: team spirit. With one another. And in all interaction with the client. This is the only way to ensure fruitful collaboration. What we love to hear is a business partner referring to us as “highly competent, but human”. As this is also attested to by how many of our staff members have been loyal to the company for many years. And by how many new young colleagues head straight from their studies to ZPP. So why not get to know us?


Quality standards


ZPP Ingenieure - DQS Zertifizierte Qualität

Quality cannot be subject to negotiation. The high standard our clients set for their building structures is the same one we set for ourselves. Across all the company’s sections and activities. With personal dedication, life-long learning and transparent high-grade services. That is what we expect of ourselves.

Consistent quality management forms the basis of all our work. Quality assurance is a permanent in-company process, from the initial plans to monitoring realisation and later verifications of structural conditions. IT-supported and transparently documented along the way. Of course, ZPP is certified as ISO 9001 quality management compliant. And a large part of our staff have had their reliability certified as per section 12 of the German Act on Nuclear Safety.