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with the right answers for specific markets

The market decides what is required – be it in terms of knowledge or regional reach. We respond. With a flexible and expert group of subsidiaries and partner companies. With local contacts who speak the relevant language. And with engineering solutions customised to in part highly-specific problems.

Subsidiaries and Cooperations

ZPP International

Our ZPP International subsidiary is the umbrella for all our global activities and the first port of call for non-German clients, and for our German partners – as consulting and on-site engineers with a world-wide network of cooperation partners.

ZPP International GmbH

Lise-Meitner-Allee 11
44801 Bochum/Germany
+49 234 92 04-0
+49 234 92 04-1000
infono spam@zpp-international.com

ZPP Hennig

ZPP HENNIG GmbH has been successfully active in the construction world for over a quarter of a century. The specialists for structural verification and expert reports on construction technology and structural engineering provide services nationwide. At present, the Gelsenkirchen-based team is primarily handling discerning projects in the fields of civil engineering and industrial plant construction..

ZPP Hennig GmbH

Romanusstraße 32
45894 Gelsenkirchen/Germany
+49 209 318 00-0
+49 209 318 00-1000
infono spam@zpp-hennig.de



Always up-to-date with the latest developments in transportation technology: The Hoyerswerda-based railway experts provide consultancy, planning capacity and controlling for complex rail infrastructure projects as regards command controls and signaling. In particular, train formation and switching yards as well as ancillary plants. For Deutsche Bahn and for the non-federal passenger, works and industrial rail services.

LauPlan LausitzPlanung GmbH

Albert-Einstein-Straße 47
02977 Hoyerswerda/Germany
+49 3571 42 10-0
+49 3571 42 10-29
infono spam@lauplan.de



German Industrialized Construction handles the highly efficient industrial production of buildings from precast concrete elements. World-wide. Enabling swift and cost-effective construction of homes for broad sections of the population – a key to solving the global housing shortage. GERICON is the only provider in the market that offers the entire integrated service chain: from the architecture, through urban planning, structural engineering, planning of the precast concrete element plant, through to technology transfer and consultancy on implementation. Moreover, with the GERICON Institute, it is running a unique training institution in this sector.

German Industrialized Construction

Lise-Meitner-Allee 11
44801 Bochum/Germany
+49 234 92 04-0
+49 234 92 04-1000
infono spam@gericon.eu


Breddermann + Partner

Since early 2016, the current Breddermann + Partner Gesellschaft Beratender Ingenieure mbB becomes a part of the company group. The company’s main area of activities consists of the certification and failure analysis within the framework of legal proceedings or for private clients as well as in the performance of specialised engineering services primarily associated with furnace and refractory construction.

Breddermann + Partner
Gesellschaft Beratender Ingenieure mbB

Lise-Meitner-Allee 11
44801 Bochum/Germany
+49 234 92 04-1800
+49 234 92 04-1801
infono spam@zpp-breddermann.de


Kuhfeld Schildberg Partnerschaft mbB

Since early 2017, Kuhfeld Schildberg Part mbB (KSP), as part of the ZPP group, is rendering all core services of the classic project management, as well as comprehensive, advanced service components from a single source. Through the long-standing expertise and practice experience, KSP offers personal, dedicated and valuable management and consulting services in the construction sector.

Kuhfeld Schildberg Partnerschaft mbB
Beratender Ingenieur und Stadtplaner

Lise-Meitner-Allee 11
44801 Bochum/Germany
+49 234 92 04-2610
infono spam@zpp-ksp.de


German RailGroup

German RailGroup is the single-roof organisation delivering integral project management for rail infrastructure systems with the special expertise of 14 different partners. With outstanding experience in all the key specialist fields. A full-range service provider with anuniquely broad range of offerings for complex rail project services inside and outside Germany.

German RailGroup - Engineering & Consulting GbR

Hilpertstraße 20
64295 Darmstadt
+49 6151 885-300
+49 6151 885-244
infono spam@germanrailgroup.eu


ZMM Monitoring

The partners bundled their long-standing expertise in tunnel construction and software development specifically for online monitoring of mechanical tunnel construction operations. The resuls are customised software solutions for the tunnel builders: from visualisation, editing, documenting and analysis through to damage and modernisation management.

c/o ZPP Ingenieure AG

Lise-Meitner-Allee 11
44801 Bochum/Germany
+49 234 9204-1080
infono spam@zmm-monitoring.de